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Knopflerfish Manuals and Documentation

The Knopflerfish manuals, tutorials and API documentation are all part of the Knopflerfish distribution. The manuals and API documentation for the latest KF release is always available on-line from here.

Documentation for older releases also available on-line from the respective releases directory, accessible via the Downloads section.

The OSGi and Java Compatibility Guide presents an overview of what Java/JDK versions each major KF release supports.

Overview of the Knopflerfish OSGi distributions

There have been five major releases of Knopflerfish. The current major release is Knopflerfish 5. KF5 is designed in accordance with the OSGI R5 specifications.

More detailed information on the contents on each of the major KF versions can be found under each of the KF5, KF4, KF3, KF2, and KF1 links below.

Major version OSGi version Status
Knopflerfish 6.X OSGi R6 Next coming major KF version
Knopflerfish 5.X OSGi R5 Current major KF version
Knopflerfish 4.X OSGi R4 v4.3 Maintenance mode
Knopflerfish 3.X OSGi R4 v4.2 Maintenance mode
Knopflerfish 2.X OSGi R4 v4.01 Maintenance mode
Knopflerfish 1.X OSGi R3 Maintenance mode