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The History Behind Knopflerfish

The Dead River

OSGi - Masiakasaurus knopfleri

The sun was hot on the Madagascar jungle. While S had not been able to find anyone human for several days, he was sure he could handle the heat and humidity until sunset. After that, he might use his last flare to attract attention from one of the ever-watchful satellites.

As the last rays of light quickly disappeared behind the giant trees, S felt something sharp dig into his foot. He couldn't keep himself from falling forward, and realized with horror that the sharp object had ripped up his entire left arm.

In the fossilized remains of Masiakasaurus knopfleri's teeth, he pulled the trigger on the flare and hoped for rescue.

The Palace of Happiness

OSGi - Knopflerfish

"Yes! Yet another dead guitarist", exclaimed K while trying to avoid drinking his coffee. "As we didn't have enough already".

"Well", E said, "why don't you come up with something better?" Something that makes you feel happy. Something that never will go out of fashion.

"A fish?" K instantly replied.