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Knopflerfish Maven Repositories

Knopflerfish offers a set of different maven2 repositories, each with a specific purpose.

The main repository is the Knopflerfish releases repository at:

This main repository is also mirrored to bintray and made available in jcenter, making it more conveniently available for maven and gradle users. Currently all artifacts (framework and bundles) are included in one large package called knopflerfish which has an unspecified version. This might change in the future.

Both of these two repositories are populated with all artifacts from all Knopflerfish releases since Knopflerfish release 2.3. In OSGi-language that means exactly all the specific bundles that have been included in a Knopflerfish release since KF 2.3.

In addition to the releases repository there are snapshot repositories as well as specific release repositories. Both of them are described in the sections below.

Snapshot repositories (temporarily turned off)

The KF snapshot build repository is temporarily turned off.

Dedicated Knopflerfish release repositories

For every release since KF 2.3 and KF 3.0 there is an xml document with a <dependencyManagement> element that lists all artifacts, i.e. bundles, included in that specific release.

The table below contains direct links to the xml documents for each release:
Release Artifacts
5.2.0 KF-5.2.0_dependencyManagement.xml
5.1.0 KF-5.2.0_dependencyManagement.xml
5.0.0 KF-5.0.0_dependencyManagement.xml
4.0.1 KF-4.0.1_dependencyManagement.xml
4.0.0 KF-4.0.0_dependencyManagement.xml
4.0.1 KF-4.0.1_dependencyManagement.xml
3.5.0 KF-3.5.0_dependencyManagement.xml
3.4.0 KF-3.4.0_dependencyManagement.xml
3.3.0 KF-3.3.0_dependencyManagement.xml
3.2.0 KF-3.2.0_dependencyManagement.xml
3.1.0 KF-3.1.0_dependencyManagement.xml
3.0.0 KF-3.0.0_dependencyManagement.xml
2.4.0 KF-2.4.0_dependencyManagement.xml
2.3.3 KF-2.3.3_dependencyManagement.xml

Naming conventions

The convention used for group id and artifact is based on the bundle symbolic name. The naming convention is:

Group Id
First part of the bundle symbolic name, i.e., everything to the left of the last '.'
Artifact Id
Last part of the bundle symbolic name, i.e. everything after the last '.'
E.g. the Knopflerfish HTTP bundle has the symbolic name org.knopflerfish.bundle.http. It will get Group Id org.knopflerfish.bundle and Artifact Id http.