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OSGi Bundle Repositories

OSGi Repositories

Every release of Knopflerfish includes an OSGi bundle repository. Since the release of Knopflerfish 5 the format used in the OSGi specified XML-format as defined in section 132.5 of the OSGi Compendium Specification. The namespace of the schema is:

Version 4 and older releases of Knopflerfish use the older OBR, or OSGi Bundle Repository format, which is now deprecated.

All of the Knopflerfish OSGi Repositories are browsable and can be used by build tools and development tools such as bnd and bndtools, or Knopflerfish's own desktop bundle.

From the download page of each Knopflerfish release there is a link to its OSGi repository

Bnd and bndtools

To use Knopflerfish in bnd or bndtools one of the Knopflerfish OSGi repositories must be defined.

Insert the following in the .bnd file, e.g. cnf/build.bnd located in the bnd workspace. \
	aQute.bnd.repository.osgi.OSGiRepository; \
		locations=; \

Use the aQute.bnd.repository.osgi.OSGiRepository type. The locations must point to one of the Knopflerfish OSGi repositories. The name can be chosen arbitrarily.

Knopflerfish OSGi Repositories

The URL always points to the latest Knopflerfish release. For a specific release repository please see the table below.

The table below contain the links to the repository index file for all Knopflerfish releases since KF5.
OSGi Repository indexes

In an installed Knopflerfish release the index file of the repository is located at: osgi/jars/index.xml and may be used as file URL for tools that can can work with OSGi repositories