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Release Notes Knopflerfish 2.2

Minor release of Knopflerfish. Released 2008-12-19

Framework (Core), version 4.0.11

OS name alias handling
The native code OS-name alias handling was wrong for "Mac OS X". Added missing OS-name aliases for "Windows 2003", "symbianos", "hp-ux". Added missing processor aliases for "em64t" and "x86_64".
Reported in:
Fix an issue with paths in the BundleClassPath manifest attribute that starts with a '/' when using memory storage. Reported in
Fragment handling during uninstall
Fixed a problem with fragment handling when uninstalling a bundle with attached fragments. Using package admin refresh on a fragment host bundle after update or uninstall of one of its attached fragments now results in a re-resolve operation of the host bundle.
Rearranged synchronized code to avoid dead lock between registerService and refreshPackages.

Compendium Services

Http Service 2.1.1
Allow configurations with port.http=0 / port.https=0, ensure that the service properties port.http / port.https for the HttpService instance shows the actual port obtained from the OS and not 0.
Event Admin 2.0.3
Add the missing mapping of Framework event of type INFO to events on the topic "org/osgi/framework/FrameworkEvent/INFO".

Waits for the asynchronous event dispatcher to terminate when stopping the bundle.

Misc (KF specific, start scripts, build system etc

Updated Desktop Bundle, v2.3.0
The desktop bundle is now packaged as a self-contained bundle containing all necessary packages (as log/cm/event/prefs apis, kf util etc).

A new graph view showing bundle relationships has been added. Select "Graph" from the view drop-down menu.

Missing imports are now displayed in the package view (and in the graph view)

Major performance enhancements in package dependency calculations.

Detail views are now updated on bundle events.

Installing new bundles using the desktop UI now displays the newly added bundles automatically.

Corrected a NPE in the event view during start up; a listener was registered before one of the objects used in its call-back was created.

The packages view now presents the relation between host bundles and attached fragments.

Framework commands 2.0.5
The command "bundles -l" now presents the relation between host bundles and attached fragments.

The command "call" no longer requires the implementation class of a service to be public.

Added filter option to the command "services" (aka "lss").

Added filter option to the command "call".

Telnet-Console 2.0.2
Improved error messages in the log when receiving a broken configuration.
comm-win32 2.0.1
Added Windows Vista as supported osname.