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Knopflerfish 2.3.1

This is the release page for Knopflerfish 2.3.1 release build from, made on 2009-05-08 16:09.


Name Size Description
knopflerfish_osgi_2.3.1.jar 20.4 MiB Complete framework, including source code and docs. Self-extracting.
knopflerfish_fullbin_osgi_2.3.1.jar 6.70 MiB Full binary framework and bundles. No source or docs. Self-extracting.
1.26 MiB Core binary framework and some bundles. No source or docs. Self-extracting.
31.3 MiB A set of optional bundles, including SOAP support for any OSGi service. See Bundle User Documentation for details. Also includes support for OSGi Metatype data and a desktop UI for CM. This download should be installed on top of a previous installation. Self-extracting.
347 KiB Remotely loading framework, no source, no docs, just framework.jar and config files for loading all bundles from the web.
3.17 MiB Bundles for testing the framework and selected services using JUnit.