Knopflerfish bundle repository - 4.0.1

This is an OBR compatible bundle repository.
Screenshot of the KF bundlerepository, running as a plugin to the desktop

OBR is a bundle repository format introduced by the Oscar OSGi project. The format consists of an XML file describing all available bundles and an OSGi OBR bundle which should be installed on an OSGi framework. When started, this OBR bundle can read the XML file, list bundles, and install bundles and their dependencies.

The repository URL is

You can find a RFC-0112 compatible repository at

This repository is generated on Fri Oct 18 12:26:10 CEST 2013

Important: You need either the latest bundlerepository.jar from the Oscar distribution, or the KF bundlerepository bundle listed below. The KF bundlerepository bundle also integrates into the KF desktop and console.

Available bundles, sorted by API specification

comm-linuxNative driver for linux javax.comm using the RXTX library. Note that this bundle is LGPL and contains full source to rxtx3.0.0docsPiayda/RXTX
Log ServiceThe Knopflerfish OSGi log service4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
basicdriverlocatorBasic device driver locator4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
cmConfiguration Management Service4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
commandCommand Service0.2docsKnopflerfish
Device-ManagerDevice manager4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
Event-AdminEvent Admin4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
HTTP-ServerHTTP/HTTPS Server4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
Jini-DriverJini driver (experimental) using Sun's jini impl. jini-core.jar and jini-ext.jar, see Goeminne
measurement-LIBMeasurement API (LIB)4.0.0docsOSGi
metatype-LIBMetatype API (LIB)4.0.0docsOSGi
position-LIBPosition API (LIB)4.0.0docsOSGi
SCRDeclarative Services SCR4.0.3docsKnopflerfish
threadioThreadIO Service0.2.0docsKnopflerfish
upnp-APIUPnP (API)4.0.0docsOSGi
UserAdminUser Administration Service4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
xml-LIBXML (LIB)4.0.0docsOSGi
BundlerepositoryOBR bundle repository using the KF console and desktop3.1.3docsOscar/Knopflerfish
oscar-shellCompatability layer for bundles using the Oscar shell API. See readme.txt for details.2.0.0docsKnopflerfish
comm-win32Native driver for win32 javax.comm using Sun's COMM library3.0.0docsKnopflerfish/Sun
Commons-LoggingApache Commons logging. Publishced under Apache License. See
Console2Command-IMPLWrapper for KF console commands to OSGi 4.3 commands (IMPL)2.0.0docsKnopflerfish
ConsoleKnopflerfish Console Service4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
DesktopSwing framework desktop4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
Directory DeployerMonitors a set of file system directory for bundlesand configurations to deploy4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
KF-XML-MetatypeXML format support for CM and Metatype4.0.1docsKnopflerfish/nanoxml
serialportdeviceSerial port device4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
TCP-ConsoleConsole Service Server accepting TCP connection.3.0.0docsKnopflerfish
Telnet-Console-IMPLConsole service server accepting telnet connections. (IMPL)4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
TTY-Command-IMPLCommand line system console (IMPL)4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
TTY-Console-IMPLConsole Service Command Line Console (IMPL)4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
util-LIBMisc utilities (LIB)4.1.0docsKnopflerfish
JUnitJUnit support3.8.1.kf4-001docsJUnit/Knopflerfish
Class PatcherImplements a WeavingHook to allow patching of classes at load time using ASM1.0.1docsKnopflerfish
CM-Commands-IMPLCommands for the CM service (IMPL)4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
CM-DesktopCM desktop plugin4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
Connection-FactoriesOSGi IO http, socket and datagram-receive Connectors3.0.0docsKnopflerfish
Crimson-XMLThe Crimson XML parser2.1.0.kf4-001docsApache/Knopflerfish
desktop_jvmJVM info desktop plugin1.0.0docsKnopflerfish
FW-Commands-IMPLFramework commands (IMPL)4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
FW-TrayFramework tray icon. Allows basic control of the framework using the windows system tray.4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
HTTP-root-IMPLDemo HTTP Service user that publishes on the root (IMPL)4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
JUnitRunnerGrunt, the JUnit test runner. Runs JUnit tests registered in the framework and dumps results to XML files.4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
kXML 2-LIBPacking of kXML 2 as a bundle (LIB)
LogCommands-IMPLProvides log commands for the Knopflerfish console (IMPL)4.0.0docsKnopflerfish
RXTXcomm-linux-arm-LIBRXTX comm native driver for Linux/arm_le (LIB)
RXTXcomm-linux-x86-LIBRXTX comm native driver for Linux/x86 (LIB)2.2.0.pre2docsPiayda/RXTX
ScrCommands-IMPLProvides SCR admin commands for the Knopflerfish console (IMPL)4.0.1docsKnopflerfish
sslj2sp-IMPLSSL Provider using the Java 2 security architecture. (IMPL)4.0.0docsKnopflerfish/Oscar
XalanThe Apache Xalan-Java XML transformer2.7.1.kf3_01docsApache/Knopflerfish
Xerces-JThe Apache Xerces2 Java XML parser2.10.1.kf3docsApache/Knopflerfish