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Knopflerfish OSGi Tutorials

This page contains links to tutorials and guides on how to use OSGi frameworks and the KF OSGi distribution.

Several of the tutorials are specific for a KF and/or OSGi specification version. They are therefore part of the Tutorials section of Knopflerfish Manual included in the KF distribution.

Knopflerfish Manual Tutorials

OSGi tutorial v2
A Step by Step Introduction to OSGi Programming Based on the Knopflerfish OSGi Framework.

The tutorial includes examples src code located at

The OSGi Service Tutorial
The complete survival guide for handling OSGi services
Running Knopflerfish OSGi with Security
Hands-on guide and tutorial for running Knopflerfish with security turned on, including test bundles with source code
Running Knopflerfish on Android / Dalvik
An introduction on how to run Knopflerfish on Android / Dalvik

General Tutorials

Using Pax Web in Knopflerfish for JSPs and WAR-files
An introduction to using Pax Web and running JSPs and WARs in Knopflerfish.