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About the Knopflerfish OSGi R3 distribution

The Knopflerfish release contains:

See bundle docs for detail information on all bundles.

Also, the source code kit includes an easy-to use Ant build system for creating bundles.

Components defined by OSGi R3

The OSGi R3 specification defines several components, which could be expected to exist in OSGi implementations. However, it should be noted that no service is required to be present.

The OSGi specification currently supported by Knopflerfish is R3 and includes the the R3 components listed below.

Note: All components following the OSGi R3 specification has been known to pass the OSGi R3 tests (in external tests performed by Makewave (formerly Gatespace Telematics)). The Knopflerfish distributions cannot formally call itself "OSGi R3 certified", since only OSGi members are allowed to use this term. Instead, we use the term "designed to be compliant with OSGi R3", which is an allowed term.

Knopflerfish components

The Knopflerfish distributions contains a set of other useful components:

Knopflerfish optional components

The Knopflerfish optional distributions contains a set of optional bundles:

Knopflerfish components available from SVN

Some components in Knopflerfish are currently only available as source code in the Subversion repository. These components can be checked out by anyone and installed into a previously installed KF distribution.