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About Knopflerfish 2 - an OSGi R4 v4.01 distribution

Knopflerfish 2 is an implementation of the OSGi R4 specifications This includes the:

Additionally, all Knopflerfish bundles from the 1.x version is included in the 2.x release.

The Knopflerfish 2 version, implementing OSGi R4 version has been released and is available for download.

With this release, the KF framework is feature complete in all OSGi R4 mandatory parts. Of the optional parts only some security items remain. All other parts are implemented and fully functional.

The desktop and framework commands have been updated in a number of ways to reflect new features in R4. The

The table below lists the features in KF3.

Core Specification - OSGi framework
Module Status R4 Support Description
Security Layer In Progress Full Note! no keystore integration yet
Module Layer Done Full To use the extension bundle support you need to use a wrapper script that will restart framework when needed. An example shell-script is included (OSGi/KF2).
Life Cycle Layer Done Full  
Service Layer Done Full  
Framework Services Done Full Start Level, Permission Admin and URL Handler services have been updated to conform to R4 added new Conditional Permission Admin service.
Service Compendium
Module Status R4 Support Description
Log Done Full
HTTP Done Full
Configuration Admin Done Full
Preferences Done Full  
User Admin Done Full  
IO Connector Done Full  
Metatype Done Full  
Declarative Services Done Full New in R4
Event Admin Done Full New in R4
Service Tracker Done Full  
Knopflerfish Extras
Console, Framework Commands Done NA New commands: closure, resolve, findbundles. The output of the bundles command has been changed (fragments and hosts are indicated, last modified is listed in verbose output, it is possible to sort on last modified)
KF Desktop Done NA Fragments, hosts and required bundles are listed on the Closure tab. Symbolic name and last modified information is displayed on the Manifest tab.