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Release Notes Knopflerfish 1.3.7

Patch release of Knopflerfish R1. Released 2009-04-20

Framework (Core)

Updating a resolved bundle for which a bundle class loader was not yet created messed up the book-keeping of packages causing unexpected failures to find classes in packages imported by the updated bundle.

Fix an issue with paths in the BundleClassPath manifest attirbute that starts with a '/' when using memory storage. Reported in

Rearranged synchronized code to avoid dead lock between registerService and refreshPackages, between Bundles and Package handling. Changed synchronization code to avoid dead lock in BundleClassLoader.

Modify synchronization code to avoid dead lock when using the PackageAdmin service from start and stop methods. Fixed ordering bug in PackageAdmin.refreshPackages().

Fixed so that property assignments on the command line is evaluated in the correct order when used together with -xargs. Added missing array range check.

Services (Compendium)

Meta type
Removed a number of calls to System.out from the metatype bundles. Reported in