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Release Notes Knopflerfish 2.0.2

The Release Notes are included in the KF distributions.

  This is the second bugfix release after Knopflerfish 2.0.

  Here follows a breakdown of the most important changes.

Release Notes Knopflerfish 2.0.2

  Maintenance release of Knopflerfish

  Here follows a breakdown of the most important changes.

=== Framework (Core) ===

  * Bundle Class Patching
    New feature in KF. Bundles that contain legacy code may be
    cumbersome to run due to class loading problems in an OSGi
    environment. This new feature is based on bundle class patching 
    using byte-code manipulation. This can solve many problems related
    to third-party libraries using non-OSGi compatible method calls. 

  * Automatic Manifest Generation
    New feature in KF. Automatic bundle manifest generation, which can
    add or modify manifests to any jar file, even non-OSGi-bundle jar

  * Custom Implementation of SecurityManager no longer bypassed
    Changed so that a custom implementation of the SecurityManager no
    longer is bypassed if it is present.

  * Corrected bugs concerning finding resources in bundles

  * Corrected bugs concerning finding activate, deactivate methods
    defined in superclasses for Component.

  * Bug fix, STOPPING event is sent when stop() is called.

  * Corrected incorrect return value from BundleContext.ungetService(Object).
    See bug #1780141.

=== Services (Compendium) ===
  * EventAdmin
    Updates Event class to allow for alphanumeric event topics

  * URLConnection
    Added getContentType and getContentLength 

=== Misc (KF specific, start scritps, build system etc ===
  * TrayIcon - WindowsVista recognized as platform alias

  * Junit fix (#1816102)