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Release Notes Knopflerfish 2.0.3

The Release Notes are included in the KF distributions.

Release Notes Knopflerfish 2.0.3

  Maintenance release of Knopflerfish

  Here follows a breakdown of the most important changes.

=== Framework (Core) ===

  * Bug fix, Registered services are removed from the registry
    directly when SeriveRegistration.unregister() is called.
    Bundles with access to the ServiceReference for a service may get
    the service during the unregistering phase if the system property 
    have been set to "true" otherwise null will be returned.

  * Bug fix, Calling bundle.getResources(String) on the bundle object
    for the System bundle throws a ClassCastExcpetion.
  * Bundle.getResource("/") now returns a valid URL to the root of the
    bundle's classpath. Bundle.getResources("/") now returns an
    enumeration of root URLs for the bundles class path. Both these
    methods previously returned null when called with the argument "/".

  * Bug fix, Bundle.getResources(name) did not include resources from
    attached fragments if one or more matches was found in the bundle

=== Services (Compendium) ===
  * EventAdmin
    Updates Event class to allow for alphanumeric event topics

  * URLConnection
    Added getContentType and getContentLength 

  * Component (Declarative Services)
    Corrected bugs concerning finding activate, deactivate methods
    defined in superclasses for Component.

=== Misc (KF specific, start scritps, build system etc ===
  * TrayIcon - WindowsVista recognized as platform alias

  * Junit fix (#1816102)