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Release Notes 2.3.1

Minor release of Knopflerfish. Released 2009-05-08

Framework (Core), updated to version 4.1.3

Framework 4.1.3
Fixed parsing exception of saved ConditionalPermissionInfo data during restart of framework. Fixed persistent saving of initialBundleStartLevel in start level service.
Fixed ClassCastException in getHeaders() for extension bundles. Rectified PackageAdmin.getExportedPackages() so that doesn't include packages from extension bundles and unresolved bundles.

Knopflerfish Services

Crimson 2.0.1
Fixed a class-loader issue that made it impossible to directly use the DocumentBuilderFactory to create new instances. Note that this bundle is not needed on new Java releases (the recommendation is to use the XML-parsing that is provided by the JRE, or the Xerces-bundle).
This bundle now exports the javax.xml.transform.* packages. This makes it possible to use the method TranformerFactory.newInstance() to get a transformer-factory instance when the javax.xml.transform package have been imported from the Xalan-bundle.

Note that these packages are exported with a version with the qualifier set to ".1" ( to be precise) this makes them "better" than the version exported by the Xerces-bundle even though that they actually are identical. This trick makes the Xalan provided version of the packages the preferred one when bundles are resolved, thus hiding the version exported by the Xerces-bundle.

Desktop 2.3.2
Fixed a potential NullPointerException and removed a debug print.
UI initialization is now done on the AWT Event Thread to avoid potential deadlocks inside Swing AWT.

Misc, start scripts, build system etc

Major documentation update. A tutorials section have been added. Old desktop and remotefw documentation have been updated and converted to bundle doc. Corrected incorrect or missing links in htdocs and bundle docs