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Release Notes Knopflerfish 2.3.2 (OSGi R4.0.1)

Minor release of Knopflerfish. Released 2009-07-09

Framework (Core), updated to version 4.1.3

Framework 4.1.7
Added support for checking certificate chains against a Java Keystore or if they are self signed. By default it checks against cacerts keystore in Java runtime. Certificate checking requires Java 1.4 or later. Documentation and testing needs and will be improved before next release.
Fixed bug when resolving bundles which didn't have export permissions for all its exported packages.
Fixed bug with fragment bundleEvents sent to early during update.
Fixed bug with non-string valued system properties. Reported in

Compendium Services

Http 2.1.3
The thread handling timeout of HttpSessions is now destroyed when the HttpService is stopped. Thanks to Paul French for detecting and proposing this fix on the Knopflerfish-users mailing-list
HttpServlet.destroy() is now called when the HttpService is stopped. Previously it was only called when the alias the servlet was registered under was unregistered by calling HttpService.unregister(alias).
Fixed the configuration description in metatype.xml so that it is a valid XML document using the OSGi metatype schema.
Event 2.0.4
Fixed a dead lock that could occur when you stopped the event service.

Knopflerfish Services

Desktop Bundle 2.3.7
The stop()-method in the bundle activator did not check if it was already executing on the EDT (AWT Event Dispatch Thread) before scheduling execution on it using invokeAndWait(), causing a potential dead-lock. This have now been fixed.
Enhanced MacOS X Application integration, the "About" entry in the application menu now links to the desktops about dialog. Also fixed a bug, the application listener is now removed when the desktop bundle is stopped. Support new eawt classes distributed with "Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 4".
Fixed NullPointerException that occurred when updating bundles with fragments.
Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException that occurred when uninstalling fragment bundles.
The number of events hold in memory by an event view is now limited. The default value is 342. It may be changed by setting the property named "org.knopflerfish.bundle.desktop.event.EventTableModel.capacity" to whatever value you want. Negative values means no limit (other than the currently available memory) on the number of events kept.
TTY Console 2.0.1
Fixed the configuration description in metatype.xml so that it is a valid XML document using the OSGi metatype schema.
KF Metatype 2.0.3
Fixed bug with metatype information not being updated when bundle changes.
JUnit 2.1.0
Added support for using JUnit test listeners to monitor test case execution.

JUnit Runner 2.1.0
Added a test listener that prints all test events to System.out.

Misc, start scripts, build system etc

Build System
The obsolete build system used by test bundles in the directory "osgi/bundles_test/regression_test" have been removed. All those test bundles are now built using the same build system as all other bundles.
Test target bundles (bundles installed and manipulated by a test-suite) have been moved from the "osgi/bundles_test/regression_tests" directory into a subdirectory named "test_target_bundles" under the test-suite bundle that uses the test target bundle. This makes the relation between test target bundles and the test-suite it belongs to visible, and it also simplifies the build process when building a particular test-suite.
Some minor changes have been made to the bundle-info task. It is now possible to turn of the build error triggered by a missing bundle activator by setting the ant property "bundleinfo.failOnActivator" to false before importing bundlebuild.xml. White space is now allowed around the comma in the value of the ant properties "bundle.stdimports" and "bundle.extraimports".